• Chronically stressed?
    Home a mess?

Relationships in Chaos?

Hate your job?

Body Aches and Pain?

You can redefine your life more quickly than you think.


This step by step guide will help you to assess every area of your life and create a plan of action to become the person you are destined to be!


How It Works


Assess Your Life

This program will help you assess each of the key areas of life to see what is working and what is not.


Redesign Your Life

Once you have a clear picture of your current reality, its time to envision the life of your dreams.


Change Your Life

The hard work begins with taking ACTION and stepping forward into the NEW YOU!

I created this program to share the exact methods I used to completely transform my life.


A near-death brown recluse bite woke

me up to the fact that my life was full of:


toxic stress

perpetual conflict

emotional upheaval

financial chaos

physical pain


I identified the following areas to work on in my life:


Home environment

mental processes

emotional state

financial stability

relationship harmony

physical health


I  transformed myself from a

perpetual victim of circumstance

to an empowered manifestor


As I began to share my journey online,

I was bombarded with questions.


I quickly realized I was not the only

person who had suffered in this way,


In 2018 I taught my first in person Whole Life Detox class.

I had 2 attendees,

a one page print out,

and sample products from companies I love.


Now the course has evolved  into

a 77 page workbook,

with over 4 hours of useful information.


I have taught this class at conferences in

New Hampshire, San Diego, Austin, and Acapulco.


The feedback from my in-person course was POSITIVE and STRONG

so I decided to offer this course online to reach more people.


If you are ready to


this course is for you.



Whole Life Detox Includes


Video Content

4 Hrs of Exclusive Video Content


Printable Workbook

77 page digital download


Telegram Chat

Private group + special bonuses


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Sheridan, WY 82801


(+1) 512-839-4290

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